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How Our Carpet Cleaning Works


There are many things on carpet cleaning that you should be aware of. Part of carpet cleaning involves steam cleaning, the preferred option that can be used for handling your carpets.
Companies refer to what they do as a shampoo with hot water extraction process. This is a general truck mounted system that is more advanced than most.

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In order to get the best results in carpet cleaning, first part of the carpet cleaning process is to pre-spot the area to help emulsify the deepest dirt in the carpet. This will loosen dirt and get it up just like what a de-greaser would do with stains. Some equipment is then used to inject hot steamed water down into the deepest parts of the carpet.
This 200 degree hot water will be handled with a suction procedure that will remove the dirty water and items out from the floor. It will go into a tank located in our truck. This is made to keep things clean. In our carpet cleaning process, we guarantee that your carpet will be clean. The carpet will be slightly damp but it will not be fully wet. This should not work with other kinds of cleaning machines. The carpet cleaning process should be managed should by IICRC-certified technicians for carpet cleaning like the ones we hire.
Our carpet cleaning process will help remove dirt, dust mites and a variety of other small items that can get in your carpet. It can even get dust and danger out. Anything that causes allergies can be removed with our carpet cleaning process.
 Our carpet cleaning process does not leave any soapy residue either. We work well with homes with pets, the elderly and children. Our carpet cleaning process is safe and guaranteed to work.

    • Carpet Cleaning Houston – Residential Services

We at Mundae Carpet Cleaning Service, have seen how much of a challenge it is to remove stains and other things from a carpet. This is where we can help. We will use a safe and easy to manage process of carpet cleaning that will remove the deepest dirt and stains from your carpet while keeping it safe for everyone including children and pets. We will use an emulsifier as a pre-spray to break up soil. We will then use a water and textile rinse in order to create a safe pH level in the carpet. We then use a suction process to remove dirty and most moisture to help ensure that your carpet is clean and will dry up quickly.


      We at Mundae Carpet Cleaning Service work with DuPont Teflon as well. This will protect the carpet in a unique way. It will repel dirt and spills on your carpet so you can easily clean them off. It is safe on all carpet forms and can work well in homes with children and pets. It creates a unique molecular shield over your carpet fibers in order to keep the surface energy down. This makes it easier to repel stains so they are harder to absorb. We use air sprayers to coat every fiber. We also rake the carpet pile to make it sink in with ease. It is invisible and will not change your carpet’s build or style. Our carpet cleaning process simply offers the best possible protection.

 Carpet Cleaning Houston – Commercial Services

Your carpet is a great investment. However, it can develop all sorts of tough stains and soils and will cause wear very fast. You will need to get your carpet cleaned and protected with Mundae’s carpet cleaning services to remove dirt and keep wear from being a factor. Our deep carpet cleaning plan can help you improve the quality of air in your area by keeping pollutants and allergens from being an issue. This can help you out with any commercial property you have.
We also use strong emulsifiers for any heavy traffic areas or for kitchen grease stains. You can also get great deodorizers for all spots in your property. We even offer carpet protectors to help keep your carpet supportive of the heavy traffic that can come on it. You can even get 24-hour emergency services to help handle any water damage that might get in the way. You can get a free estimate on your service and even a discount if you get a contact. You should call us at Mundae for help today so your carpet can be protected.

        • Carpet Cleaning Houston – Removing Stains From Carpet

 Mundae Carpet Cleaning Service works with a deep cleaning procedure to help get rid of soil and dirt and even some of the most difficult stains that your carpet can develop. At Mundae’s carpet cleaning we use many stains removers to help remove a variety of tough spots. We work with a filtration remover to get rid of dark lines behind your doors and at your walls. We also use a stain remover to get rid of juice and red wine stains. You can also use one of our spotting agents to get rid of grease, gum, ink, rust and other issues. We even get bonded inserts to work over stains in the event that we cannot get a stain out.

 A great Oriental rug can add value and appeal to your home. At Mundae we will treat your carpet with as much care as possible. We treat them differently because they are handmade and have natural dyes and fibers in them. Our goal is to keep the pH balance secure so color fades, browning, discoloration and other issues can be avoided. We will also change all cleaning temperatures and pressure levels to help make sure that all cleaning requirements are met. We can work with Oriental rugs as well as Turkish rugs and rugs made with fringed or bound synthetics, braids, cotton, silk and wool. We also adjust cleaning temperatures and pressures to meet the special requirements of each type of rug. At Mundae rug cleaning service we use many cleaning agents and stain removing products to help control these fibers. We can also pick up your carpet and deliver it to you after it is cleaned.

            • Houston Carpet Cleaning Questions

 Q. Will I need a new application of DuPont Teflon after my carpet is cleaned?
A. You will need to reapply Teflon after a cleaning. Anything that can cause a carpet to need to be cleaned can cause the Teflon to wear off over time. Cleaning doesn’t remove Teflon but reapplying it will ensure that your carpet will be protected.
Q. How can I prepare my carpets for cleaning?
A. You will have to remove any items that could break from the area. We will then move most furniture items and then place them in their original spots while using Styrofoam blocks and plastic shields to help keep spots under control.
Q. Can a chemical or detergent leave residue in my carpet?
A. We work with a safer and biodegradable pre-spray and then use a textile rinse to keep residues out. This is different from what many carpet cleaners do. These carpet cleaners may use detergents with extraction only.
Q. But someone told me that my carpet can’t be cleaned!
A. We like to prove those people wrong. We work with a strong procedure and plenty of strong carpet stain removers to help keep your carpet as well protected as it can be. We can do better than the average company.