Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mundae Dryer Vent Cleaning service is now offering premium quality Dryer Vent Cleaning service.

Why is it important to clean your dryer vent? 

dryer-vent-cleaning-houston-mundae-2A clothes dryer can catch fire. The August 2012 report by the U.S. Fire


Administration noted that over 2,900 dryer fires occur every year with over 35 million dollar worth of property loss, 5 deaths and over 100 injuries reported.  In fact, failure to clean the dryer vent was the leading contributing factor that led to these fires.


Cleaning your dryer vent Improves both safety and efficiency of your dryer as well. Furthermore, it prevents possible carbon monoxide (CO) leakage (gas dryers). Cleaning your dryer vent helps reducing wear and tear on your dryer because of reduced usage prolongs the life of your dryer and lessens the need for unforeseen repair or replacement cost.


A clean dryer vent saves on utility bill with reduced drying times. The clothes dryer is second only to the water heater in power consumption. Faster drying times means lower utility cost.

Standard Dryer Vent Cleaning

We use a combination rotary brush, teamed with a high powered air vac. Our rotary brush system snakes the entire length of your vent at over 500 rpm. 

We also do the following: 

  • Make an initial inspection of the dryer vent
  • Make two full passes with our rotary brush
  • Thoroughly clean your transition duct
  • Clean dryer lint trap below dryer lint screen
  • Vacuum underneath and around your dryer
  • Make a final air-flow check and confirm there is optimum air-flow



Don’t wait until it’s too late. Please inspect your dryer functionality and if needed please call Mundae Dryer vent cleaning Experts at: 713-777-7700 and schedule your Dryer Vent Cleaning service.