Grout Cleaning Houston

Although tile can be a beautiful addition to your Houston home, grout can sometimes ruin the look you’re going for. Because it attracts dirt easily and sucks it down into deep pores, grout can become slimy, stained and impossibly hard to clean yourself.

Even if you do manage to get your tiles clean, the grout may still give you away. Instead of spending hours hopelessly scrubbing, consider calling in the experts for professional grout cleaning.

Our grout cleaning service, based in Houston, lightens your load by using heavy-duty truck-mounted equipment that penetrates deep into dirty grout to remove debris and stains that darken and discolor the grout between your tiles.

Our grout cleaning service is available for kitchens, bathrooms, bathtubs, pool decks and front hallways. If you have grout in another area of your house, be sure to ask us about it to see if our professionals will be able to help you improve the appearance and cleanliness of your home.

We know how much you care about your house, so remember to reduce the chances of dirtying your grout by always sweeping or vacuuming before you mop. When you do mop, remember to use a rinse bucket after the main cleaning to pick up additional dirt and water.

Call our Houston grout cleaning service today to find out more about our services, get an estimate, and set up a grout cleaning that will leave your house looking sleek and shiny.