Drapery Cleaning Houston

Drapery Cleaning

We have managed all sorts of draperies at Mundae ranging from normal items to fancy silk drapes. We can help handle yours by taking down and rehanging your items. We work with on site cleaning or cleaning procedures in our facility. Here are a few of the benefits we have to offer:

  • We can take down your drapery on your own terms by scheduling an appointment.
  • We will clean and deodorize your dapes with our solvent free Greenjet system.
  • All items can be hand sized and finished.
  • We guarantee your items will be protected without damages or shrinkage.
  • We will deliver your pleated draperies in full length, thus keeping wrinkles out of the way.
  • All drapes will be reinstalled and inspected as needed.

You can get your items handled if you are painting or remodeling your home. We can take down your items, clean them and then store them in our facility. We offer free storage for up to three months.

Click here if you have pet stains on your draperies.

You can get a free inspection and estimate today. Call us at (713)-777-7700 for details.

It is especially helpful if you let us take down and rehang everything. Your draperies can be tough to manage on your own. Also, wrinkling can occur if you fold and banded items on a hanger instead of having it delivered full length like what we do.