Fabric & Carpet Protector

Your carpet can look great after it has been cleaned. You can keep it looking great thanks to the Teflon® Advanced carpet protector. We use Teflon® Advanced on the carpets we treat to keep them looking beautiful. It creates invisible barriers around all fibers, thus helping to resist stains and soil.

Teflon® Advanced is a DuPont product that works to repel stains better than other protecting materials. It repels many liquids so it will be eaier to remove spills before they can stain and wick. Also, dirt stains that can be stuck on carpet fibers can be controlled quickly. Teflon® Advanced will keep dirt from getting deep into the fibers so a carpet will be easier to manage.

Teflon® Advanced can be applied by one of our professionals. It will be sprayed on. It will dry fast and will not create any odors. It is also non-toxic and can be used in any home, including homes with children and pets. It does not have solvents or CFCs either.

It helps to use Teflon® Advanced after a carpet is cleaned regardless of its fiber. We even work with wool carpets through a special application formula. You can be ensured that your carpet will be protected when DuPont Teflon® Advanced is used.

You should contact us for Teflon® Advanced support the next time your carpets are cleaned.