Leather Cleaning Houston

How it Works

We can come to your property and review the leather that you have and then determine what process can work the best. We can then add a cleaner to the area to break up all oils and dirt.

The surface can then be agitated with a terry cloth pad. This is to remove dirt and oils while leaving things dry. A conditioner is then added to restore the oils in the leather so it can stay soft.


Residential Services

The leather can be beautiful in your home and can stay beautiful for years when it is cleaned right. Your leather must be cleaned and repaired regularly. However, most people don’t know how to do things right. Your leather has to be kept clean and repaired once in a while. Different products can work to treat your leather with ease. However, it can be tough to see what specific product you need. Some products don’t do well with leather and may harm it. Therefore, you should contact us at Mundae for help when getting your items cleaned as well as possible.


Commercial Services

Your leather will come from an animal’s hide. A hide can create a unique look. This includes hide materials that come from cows. Every kind of leather will be processed in a same way to create a nice look. The leather can then be tanned and ready for use in many spots. The goal is to help find out what leather will work for something. Also, similar dyeing and tanning items are often used to get things ready to make the leather look great. We can help you out no matter what kind of leather you have or where that leather might have come from.

Many kinds of leather can work for your needs. You can find things like top grain or coated leather in a car or furniture item. This is durable and easy to manage. You can also use aniline, or nubuck, leather that is very soft. It will not have a finish and can be susceptible to stains. This is especially the case when you use leather. It will help to keep items controlled to where they will feel as comfortable as they can be.


Leather Cleaning Services

You can clean and replenish oils of all kinds in order to keep the leather looking and feeling great. We will manage oils to keep leather comfortable. This is needed because oils can evaporate over time no matter what the leather is used for. All dirt and other materials in the leather must be removed while the oils are replaced. We can also work with handling accidents and stains on your leather. Many of these stains can be controlled immediately if you are carefuly but in some cases stains can be tougher to handle if the wrong item is used. Everything must be controlled as carefully as possible.


Leather Cleaning Questions and Answers

Q. What if my leather furniture does not look dirty?
A. Mundae Cleaning Services suggest that you get your furniture cleaned once or twice in a year. The oils can dry out over time. You should see that things are controlled carefully and that all oils are restored when needed so things are protected. After all, sometimes the biggest issues that can get in your furniture are the ones that you can’t easily see.

Q. Can I get nubuck items cleaned safely?
A. Nubuck, or Aniline, leather is soft and does not have a finish. It can be more likely to develop stains and dirt. It must be cleaned often. Mundae can help clean and secure the leather and dry it quickly in order to keep items managed well.

Q. Can you also clean the insides of my car?
A. We can work with leather items in your car. These items can be damages from sun and water conditions. Mundae can help to keep the interior looking beautiful. The leather can last for as long as the car can when it is properly cleaned and controlled to make it look as great as possible.