Pet Stains & Odor Control

Pet stains odor control
We can handle all kinds of pet stain issues inside your home. We’ve been working on pet stains for more than 25 years.

Any pet can have an accident. A cat might get upset, a dog might be scared and so on. However, we can treat stains no matter what they come from. In fact, stain removal in this case involves many points. This includes not only the kind of fabric you have but also the health, diet and gender of your pet. All pet stains are different but we will manage your stain with one of many different kinds of enzymes controllers and high acid deodorizers. We can work with stains on carpets, rugs and more.


What you can do?

You can do some things before we come around. First, fresh urine that has been around for less than an hour may be blotted with a wet cotton towel. Pressure should work to absorb more urine. The are must be tested for colorfastness and bleeding and then treated with a mild cleaner that works for an upholstery.

Older urine stains may be harder to handle. It can stain harder over time. Therefore, you will need to neutralize it quickly to keep discoloration from being a problem. You can work by adding a light bit of vinegar to a spot after you test it elsewhere for shrinkage, bleeding and colorfastness. You can use the vinegar into the spot and then blot it with a wet cotton towel. You will need plenty of pressure here so more things can be picked up.