Rug Cleaning Houston

We Handle Special Rugs

Your area or Oriental rugs can be hand made or made by a machine. Your carpet’s fibers must be reviewed to see that the right process for cleaning it can work well without damaging anything. We at Mundae Carpet Care hire the best technicians that can help care for your rugs. We will offer full services to handle whatever it is you have.

We can work with Oriental rugs that often have natural dyes and fibers and need to be controlled with safe items that will control the pH level to help keep fades, browning, discoloration and other issues out of the way. All cleaning pressures and temperatures can be adjusted in accordance to the needs that a rug has. All rugs can be cleaned and dried with a good air mover and dehumidifier. All fringes that can be cleaned and even bleached in some cases to keep things looking great.

Mundae Carpet Care can work with cotton, silk, wool, Oriental, Turkish and synthetic rugs. These include braided, bound and fringed synthetic rugs. We use all sorts of cleaning items and stain removers to help control fibers in any rug. However, the process can be complex and as a result will require a rug to be brought to our facility so we can clean it there. It will take five to seven business days to get this managed. We can also get synthetic rugs managed on site.