Upholstery Cleaning Houston

How We Handle Upholstery

Mundae Cleaning Services can help you out with  upholstery cleaning. We will work with any kind of fabric no matter how delicate it is or how hard to clean it might be. We can handle anything with all IICRC guidelines in mind.

We will work with many procedures in mind. We’ll start by reviewing your furniture and the stains and spots on it so we can get an idea of what to handle here. We will then pre-condition the fabric on your upholstery, thus allowing our cleaning items to emulsify what’s in your surface. A textile rinse is then used to help remove soil and extract it along with moisture. A series of strong air movers are then used to help improve the drying process. We can also brush the pile on a cut pile fabric to help keep it looking as new as possible.


Residential Upholstery Services

Sometimes you don’t need to get upholstery dry cleaned. Upholstered furniture can work with more items in the manufacturing process than a carpet. The problem is that manufacturers ask for dry cleaning because they want to protect their items in that there is less of a damage risk when it is done. However, you will end up getting less of a quality cleaning job to work for you when you use dry cleaning. Extraction cleaning is a thorough process and we can work with this process. We will accommodate your area and even work with spots like leather, entry furniture and office furniture.


Upholstery Stain Control

There are all sorts of different stains that can get on all kinds of upholstered fabrics. These stains can be removed but it can be tough to figure out what should be used. There is no one item that can manage every single stain on any kind of surface. We can work with stains that are removed quickly and as soon as possible with an immediate cleaning and the right items based on what you have. The key is that a stain is harder to handle if it was pre-treated with something wrong or has been left alone for too long.


Upholstery Cleaning Questions and Answers

Q. What do I do if my upholstery says that I should only dry-clean by fabric?
A. Some companies like to say this. This is so they will not be liable if anything wrong occurs. However, many kind sof upholstery can be treated with a proper pH solution and a plan with heat and fast drying to ensure it is protected. We don’t dry-clean every item we handle.

Q. When will my upholstery be dry and open again?
A. It should be ready after we leave your home or right as we leave it. This is thanks to the fast air movers that we use to improve drying times.

Q. Can a protectant work on upholstery to help protect it from spills and other issues?
A. We use a protectant on upholstery. It is a solvent protectant and not one based off of water. This is used to help keep water spots and brown spots and to see that it moves around as evenly as possible.