Technical Information

You should be fully aware of what you are getting into before getting services ready to clean your home’s surfaces.


A Urine Soiling Note

Urine spots can be treated but different procedures must be used when getting spots and odor managed. Anything that works for cleaning out urine spots in your home WILL NOT be likely to get rid of the odor that might come from a stain. Some treatments might even make the odors in an area worse for a brief amount of time. YOU CAN USE ONE OF TWO ODOR TREATMENTS.

The problem with pet urine is that it can damage your floors permanently. It will make the area unhealthy too. Urine will be “neutral” at first, meaning that is can be relatively easy to clean out. However, it will become “alkaline” in quality when it dries. This will make it harder for you to remove. The worst hing is that it can change the structure of dyes in your carpet if it is not treated soon. This will cause a permanent stain. This can be a risk even if you have cleaned out the soluble parts of the urine.

*You cannot be guaranteed that all parts of a urine stain can be removed. Contact a technician for details on what you can do with removing pet odors.


A Filtration Soiling Note

(Regarding the black lines under your doors and at your baseboards)

Dark spots can appear on light carpets under your doors, near baseboards and at HVAC areas. This comes out of air that moves through the carpet trying to go through the pile’s edge. Microscopic particles will become stuck in this spot. This is known as filtration soiling. IT can occur for a while and can easily build up over time.

It can be tough to remove all of the particles in this case because they can get very deep into your pile and maybe even get into the backing in your carpet. It can be removed sometimes. However, all the special items and time and effort that you need for getting things managed may not be good enough in some cases.

You can avoid filtration soiling by vacuuming the edges of your carpet every once in a while and then wipe them up with a damp white towel. You shoudl watch for the tack-strip under your carpet’s edge so you don’t get a cut.


No carpet can avoid all stains

Many carpets can use stain resistant treatments that may help to keep stains out with ease. They won’t prevent stains though. Also, many carpets will keep soiling from occurring quickly but they will need to be cared for regularly for the best results. You should click to see what Shaw has done with making it easier for carpets to avoid stains and soils with R2X.


Staining or soiling?

Several issues have come over what happens with soiling or staining. Stains are often ones that involve soils. These include sugar spills that can result in sugar residues after they have been removed. This can cause soil to come out of shoe traffic, thus creating a stain that involves a spot being discolored.

Spills that are cleaned up with a detergent can also be difficult if they are not rinsed out with water. This can cause a tough detergent residue to stick around. This sticky residue can be avoided if you rinse with water and blot the area dry after getting rid of a spill.



  • You should vacuum your carpets every week with a proper cleaner.
  • One solution is to use a vacuum cleaner that uses separate motors to help remove dirt and brushes that work to free up particles that are stuck in the area.
  • Rotating brushes can work very well in your carpet.
  • The suction in your vacuum needs to be strong to where it can remove tough particles while the brushes should be firm and can free up enough spots. This includes handling all the tough Stubborn Dirt in your home.

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